SCSLEGC Tournament & General Mtg / Lunch  Registrations

Golf Tournament Registration

Please register using the new "Golf Genius" email sent directly to your email.
We prefer you use the new system please. 

During this period of transition to the new Golf Genius System and if needed in a unique situation, you can use the registration below and/or contact Marion Douglass or Spunky Lieberman directly.


Note: Annual T-Times:
Nov - Feb:   Check-in @ 7:30 and T-time @ 8:00
Mar:   Check-in @ 7:00 and T-time @ 7:30 
April - Sept:   Check-in @ 6:30 and T-time @ 7:00
Oct:   Check-in @ 7:00 and T-time @ 7:30  


IMPORTANT: Please include play date and # holes below.  No web reservations taken after Sunday @ 6 PM.  
Marion Douglass or Spunky Lieberman will confirm WEB reservation within 24 hours.  If no confirmation received, please CONTACT Marion Douglass or Spunky Lieberman directly.

  Golf Sign-up for:  Jan 14, 2020  

Text or call Marion at 702.838.4788 



* completion required

Lunch and General Mtg Registration

Monthly Luncheon/General Business Meeting

Desert Vista-Rm 2,3

11:30 Lunch, 12:00 Meeting

Lunch Fee: $5.00/person

Please register below or contact Christy Fleurat
@ 860-625-8837 or

  Lunch and General Meeting Sign-up Date: Jan 28, 2020

* completion required