Sun City Summerlin Ladies Executive Golf Club

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Election Results for 2021: Congratulations to the following ladies for running for and winning the 2021 Election of Officers for Ladies Executive Golf Club:


President:  Patricia Horsfall

Vice President:  Dianna Ballew**

Secretary:  Cathy Swindle

Treasurer:  Pat Rodgers

Tournament:  Marion Douglass


Many thanks to our Nominating Committee of Joann Zornow, Kobi Yeager and Jutta Lederer 

** A Message From the Nominating Committee (11/21/20):




Our 2021 Election was completed October 27, 2020. Unfortunately, one of our members, Elaine Conti, has passed away since then. Elaine was to assume the Vice President position. According to her husband, she was looking forward to working with the Board and getting more involved. Elaine will be missed by her family and many friends from SCSLEG.


The Vice President’s position then became open. The Executive Board of SCSLEG appointed Dianna Ballew as 2021 Vice President. Dianna originally was running for Vice President but decided to step down prior to the Election. Thank you Dianna for accepting the office of Vice President for 2021. Speaking for the Board, we look forward to working with you.

Everyone, stay safe and well. 


Nominating Committee:

Joann Zornow

Kobi Yeager

Jutta Lederer

General Meeting Update (posted 9/23/20): There will be no General Meetings until further notice.

2020 Most Improved Golfers are now posted to our website at